Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jingle trucks...

One of the more decorative and interesting things we see coming and going on the bases and FOBs are the local "jingle trucks." Some are old, others are newer. Some are tankers, others are freight haulers or dumpers. I am constantly amazed at the range of decorations they exhibit. The truck in the top picture has loops of chain hanging almost lace-like from its trailer. It has whimsical painted metal cutouts of ponies, hearts, birds and fish welded to the sides and back.

The tanker truck below is a "poo pumper" used to transport gray or black water off base.  Both trucks have a platform above the trailer and in the top shot you can see a decorative ladder. Usually, they use these platforms to carry even larger loads, but I often wonder if once in a while they don't take the extended family out for a Sunday picnic or for a little spin up Hwy 1. The view must be grand from the roof rack and I can just picture the family sitting up there on top of the world, playing Parchesi, smoking hookah and having a grand time. Afghans have hard lives. I want to believe they have some peaceful, enjoyable family times as well and for some reason, the decorations on the jingle trucks seem encouraging to me.

Before trucks are allowed onto any base, they have to spend some time in the soak yard - meaning they sit in lanes off base waiting to see if anyone is going to blow up. Occassionally they do. Usually they don't.

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