Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flying in the Spring...

Friday last week, I bid a fond farewell to FOB Wolverine and all my good friends there. I enjoyed my stay as always...good food, comfortable living, fun folks and best of all, a husband for a change. From Wolverine, I hopped a one hour helicopter flight back to Kandahar and got to stay in my own room for a few days - all by myself! After sleeping in a tent that flaps in the wind for 6 weeks, with 5 other tenants, I must say, I slept like a rock for a solid 12 hours my first night back in my own dark, quiet private little CHU.

I had hoped to see red poppy fields during the flight. I didn't. What I did see was swaths of fertile looking green! Spring in Afghanistan. What a land of contrast.

With the Spring of leaves, I could make out actual orchards!

The towns look so barren they just grew up from the dirt. It appears from the air like some towns just dissolve themselves back into the ground and move to a new location nearby. You can barely make out rectangular outlines where they used to be. I think the desert eats them!

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