Sunday, November 17, 2013


Everyday brings surprises. While I think most people might say they do not prefer to be surprised on a minute to minute or even a daily basis, apparently, I rather enjoy a constant state of surprise or I would spend a lot more time sitting on the couch alone staring mindlessly into space. Today's surprises included a lovely compliment from a gentleman I met recently who installed 31 piers to level a 14 inch slope in the slab in one of the rentals. He told me I was a pleasure to work for because I was cheerful, spoke to everyone and worked along side his crew. Who knew that kind of behavior and attitude would be exeptional enough that he would comment on it. Those guys worked hard and did a great job for a very fair price.  Smiles and friendliness are free! It was nice to be noticed for being me. Surprise!

Another surprise for today was Aldi. We shopped at Aldi quite a bit during our tenure in Germany and I knew both my Mom and Dad enjoyed some Aldi bargains here in Texas since they have opened stores near us but yesterday was the first occassion I had to go in and look around. $168 later I realized what a pleasant surprise it had been to see German Advent calendars, several kinds of Christmas stollen, spekulas almond cookies and German gingerbread - lebkuchen! I also bought the eggs, bananas and raisins mother asked me to stop and pick up for her and threw in 2 packages of fig newtons for a mere 88 cents a package. It was good they were cheap as she ate a whole package last night and enjoyed every bite. Surprise!

My sister brought over to Mom's some very cute turkey cookies left over from a shindig at her work. They had been sitting on the counter for several days and last night when I got back from rent housing, I ate one. Apparently, she had been saving them to give the 3 other grandkids and now there aren't enough to go around. Brenda came over and played cards with Mom yesterday so she got to eat several. I got in trouble for gobbling. Surprise!

Other surprises for yesterday included the fact that given a random solicitation phone call, my husband will apparently divulge both of our social security numbers and all of our credit information to an unknown entity who will then call each of us incessantly for the next 3 hours after said husband gets tired listening and waiting after 2 hours so finally turns down whatever credit service they were offering and hangs up. After the 39th such call to my cell phone, I lost my temper and told them to take their f-ing offer and stick it up their f-ing arses and to never, ever call either of our f-ing numbers again (admittedly a loss of decorum) and the guy on the phone said he wouldn't call again if I would just act like a human being for a few moments and listen. Apparently, I was the one harassing him. Surprise!

My busy son changed his Saturday plans to help his aged and decrepid mother with her aged and decrepid rental without complaint and in fact, rather cheerfully. Surprise!

His daughter forgot to take the chicken breasts we planned to cook for dinner out of the freezer so again it was a food night. Surprise!

Last night was a full moon and wispy clouds were flying across the sky with the wind. The temperature was perfect and it was a lovely night, especially after the cold dampness of late. Surprise!

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